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 Who we are

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PostSubject: Who we are   Thu Oct 16, 2008 1:52 pm

Horde Empire was formed back in 2005 in Nordrassil server of world of warcraft.The core of the guild is people playing together since the era of ultima online and diablo1.

In Warhammer Online Horde Empire was founded in September of 2008 by a bunch of people of the above guild that wanted to play as a group and explore this new mmorpg which seemed like a refreshing change from wow.

The majority of those people were some of the founding members of the wow guild and have gone through alot of raiding, pvping and in general coordinated actions throughout alot of rpgs.

At this stage of the game a large part of the warhammer guild is consisted of people we found here in Karak Eight Peaks liked them and added them to our friendly and mature community.

We have a dedicated warhammer ventrilo server, and share a part of our wow guild forums and website.

Shortly we will be creating a totally separate warhammer website and forums.
We try to organize guild events in rvr and pve as much as possible since bringing our guild members together in every aspect of the game is one of our main priorities. Although the game mechanics atm tends to divide the different Tiers of player ranks doing full scale rvr events is a bit hard since we are divided in T1 to 4 as we speak.

Generally we are a very relaxed guild with a team of officers and me in command requiring the absolute obvious from all members while not enforcing strict rules that would ruin the friendly atmosphere that exists in our parent guild at wow for quite some years now.

Altho, as the game evolves and our members ranks get higher day by day we have planned a more "serious" approach in the game itself in guild structure, functions and events.There will be assigned class officers, raid coordinators, assigned guild crafters, guild vault keepers and much more.

- Events will be daily, we will organize hybrid set groups, open rvr raids and pve raids.

- A stronger set of rules will be applied as the guild expands and grows to assure a smooth transition to the new guild mechanisms.

- Although we dont have plans to become a hard-core warhammer guild this wont be at any case a "kindergarden".

- Foul language, lack of respect for fellow guildies and order players, lack of concentration while in events and inactivity will not be tolerated.

- Socializing within the guild and our alliance is highly anticipated and promoted.
Helping our Realm in any possible way is our focus, and also having a good time in war are our motives.

We look forward to enjoy beeing a part of this Realm and Gloria Invictus Alliance and helping it as much as we can.

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PostSubject: This almost feels like home   Thu Oct 16, 2008 4:34 pm

A warm welcome and hello to everyone as well from Oly:)

Olympia has been my first character (a healer priest) since the closed beta days of WoW before we even created Horde-Empire back then till today. (Well, with the exception of Phoebe, an ambitious Shaman that took Olympia's place as a main for almost a year hehe).

Even though a healer's life doesnt seem that easy in Warhammer also, I still find it the most satisfying and rewarding class to play, so this will be the case in this new home as well.

The title to this post is 'This almost feel like home' simply because it is quite new and I need to live in it for a while before I really call it a home. Time will make it a true home I believe.

So good luck to us all in our adventures !

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Who we are
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